Our videographer specializes in highlighting your products and service so you make more sales

our video production services so your sales improve sales 120% over raw footage.

People want the feeling of being there because when they are, they buy.

You may have trouble getting the video from your phone to social media or sales site, but we can help.

I talk to many of my members and they don’t feel they understand video production in many ways. The primary reason is they can take video but have no clue how to upload to YouTube or other video hosting sites. I make this easy. Please feel free to ask any questions

How far will you travel?

There’s no issue traveling 50 miles without any extra charges from Manchester NH to take the actual raw footage. 51 Up to 100 miles is 25 cents per mile. Anything over you would be booking us a flight plus expenses.

Most people want video production services which can be done in my office in Manchester and work with you via phone and Skype.

Note: The price is $150 per hour. Minimum 1hr and the turnaround is production services. Raw footage services must be scheduled a week in advance. Also we aren’t making a movie.

  1. You have a motorcycle for sale with a trailer or truck.
  2. You may want to show how your towing service works
  3. Remote studio and artificial lighting and sound are quite time consuming and I am paid by the hour. 

So let’s keep it simple! Thank you

PS: Video in the footer below is an over dramatic parody done by one of our producers. We take the time to learn your style and comfort level